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Instructions to install ThoughtfulBot for Slack

  • Click on the "Install Now" button below
  • Create an account if you do not already have an account with us. Note: Please use the same email account to signup as the one you use with Slack
  • Log In
  • Click on “Add to Slack” button
  • You are ready and can find the bot in your Slack!

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Introducing ThoughtfulGPT's Bot for Slack

  • Harness the power of AI, powered by Large Language Models like GPT, directly in your Slack workspace with the ThoughtfulGPT's Bot for Slack.
  • Our bot is designed to empower teams, streamline workflows, and make information retrieval a breeze.
  • Please be aware that our use of advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) may occasionally result in inaccurate responses, as these technologies, while sophisticated, are not infallible.
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Instant AI-powered Research with $RESEARCH:

  • Ever found yourself diving deep into search engines looking for answers? Save time and effort by simply asking our ThoughtfulGPT's Bot for Slack.
  • Just type $RESEARCH, followed by your topic, and let the bot scour the web to bring you concise and relevant information.
  • For instance, @ThoughtfulBot $RESEARCH What is quantum computing? will get you a succinct breakdown of the topic without ever leaving Slack.
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Document Memory Storage & Smart Recall with $RECALL:

  • Go paperless and declutter your workspace! Upload your .docx format documents using the $REMEMBER macro.
  • ThoughtfulGPT's Bot for Slack will safely store the content in an AI memory. This not only keeps your documents at your fingertips but also prepares them for swift and intelligent retrieval.
  • Forget endlessly scrolling through documents to find that one piece of information. Once you've uploaded your documents, simply use the $RECALL macro to extract information.
  • For example, @ThoughtfulBot $RECALL Key benefits of blockchain technology will have the bot scanning through the stored documents to fetch and present the relevant sections to you.
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Query and Visualize Data with $QUERY_CSV & $DATA_ANALYSIS:

  • Delve into your CSV files like never before! Upload your dataset and use the $DATA_ANALYSIS macro to request AI-powered visualizations and insights directly in Slack.
  • Transform raw data into informative charts, graphs, and insights without the need for any other software. Following are a few examples
  • $FILES: View your uploaded CSV files.
  • $QUERY_CSV: Gain insights from your CSVs, e.g. "@ThoughtfulBOT $QUERY_CSV file_name 'How many books have Sidney Sheldon as the author?'
  • $DATA_ANALYSIS: Visualize your CSV data, e.g. "@ThoughtfulBOT $DATA_ANALYSIS file_name 'Plot the distribution of average ratings'

Empower your Slack experience with ThoughtfulGPT's bot, designed to supercharge your workflow and data interactions. With core functionalities like instant research queries, seamless document memory recall, and intricate data insights from your CSV files, our bot is not just smart – it's Thoughtful. Dive deep into document analyses, effortlessly retrieve previously stored information, and even generate comprehensive visualizations from your dataset, all without leaving your Slack workspace. Experience the future of data-driven collaboration and knowledge exploration with ThoughtfulGPT.

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