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Integrations with Popular Tools

  • You can use our plugin within Google G-Suite. Use our macros in Gmail, Google Docs & Google Sheets.

  • You can view lead generation & candidate sourcing updates right in Slack. You can also do data analysis, AI memory, research, answering questions on CSVs, visualize data and more.

  • We’re also connect to your favorite tools like Zapier, Posthog & Hubspot - You can use our macros to work with any application that is linked those applications.

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How our AI works


Retrieval Augmented Generation

Retrieval Augmented AI generation enhances AI's decision-making by integrating external information during the problem-solving process, leading to more accurate and informed outcomes. Its importance lies in improving AI reliability and effectiveness.


Smart Commands

Our AI product enhances task execution and personalization through a simple, user-friendly scripting language, integrating AI understanding into everyday commands for more precise and tailored responses.


Multiple AI Models

Leveraging various AI models enhances our product by combining their unique strengths, ensuring continuous innovation and user benefit.


Developer-Friendly API

Our special tool helps you use smart AI helpers right where you already work, without having to learn something new. It's like having a magic assistant in your favorite apps, making things easier and faster for you and your team.

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