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Whether your team is BIG or small, supercharge them all with our smart AI Macros.

Create, test, share, and save the AI Automations that work for your business, then use them as AI Powered shortcuts within G-Suite, Slack, O365 and more! Integrate your private and public data sources into ThoughtfulGPT to process powerful workflows that automate hundreds of tasks at a time.

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Long Term AI Memory

ThoughtfulGPT's Long term AI Memory empowers you to personalize and differentiate your AI tools from the rest. Save your thoughts, bright ideas, internal processes and anything else that makes you unique to improve the AI’s contextual understanding of the task at hand.

Long-term AI memory

Recall long-term memory with AI Macros

Use ThoughtfulGPT in GSuite and Office365

  • ThoughtfulGPT brings the power of AI to your team, where work happens every day.
  • Decrease A.I. Hallucinations by integrating your company’s private data sources into your GPT Prompts with long term A.I. Memory.
  • We’ll keep your data safe, secure, and supervisable. So your leaders and IT admins can sleep better at night.

AI Macros for Documents & Email

  • Get work done fast with the click of a button, because who has time to “chat” with their projects.
  • A.I. Macros eliminate the endless cycle of copy and paste, bringing powerful A.I. right in your tools.
  • Access multiple language models to test and elevate your writing processes.

Automate your processes with ThoughtfulSheets

  • When one A.I. doesn’t quite cut it, our spreadsheets integration helps with 100s of tasks at a time.
  • Transform single cells, multiple cells, or set up an entire spreadsheet batch to automate work at scale.
  • Our simple control panel will turn your entire team into prompt engineers with A.I. at their fingertips.

ThoughtfulGPT Bot for Slack

  • Elevate Slack with instant research and data insights.
  • Retrieve documents and visualize CSVs without leaving your chat
  • ThoughtfulGPT: Where collaboration meets AI-powered knowledge.
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