About us

At Thoughtful GPT we’re building the future of work. A future where work is fulfilling and impactful, not tedious and inconsequential

We’ve set out to democratize innovation; giving everyone on your team the tools to bring their ideas to life at work.

Building cool stuff is in our DNA, and if you’re a human reading this, it’s in yours too! We can’t wait to help you unlock it.

Our Values

We believe that human ingenuity is unlimited, and it’s powered by our failures, hardships, passions and successes. Though our tools started simple; with just sticks and stones, our ancestors sparked a catalyst of innovation by working “smarter not harder” with tools by their side. We hope our A.I. tools spark similar innovations for you and your team!

Our values

Solve tough problems

Our values

Experiment and evolve

Our values

Innovate together

Big problems worth solving

  • Modern workforces have trouble keeping pace with the rapid advancements in A.I. technology.
  • A.I. is imperfect. It requires human supervision and oversight for it to be a useful and safe tool.
  • Without access to your data sources, A.I. cannot support your team to drive true impact.
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Our mission

We’re building the future of work, a future where anyone can innovate and make a big impact .

Our founders love building things; whether it’s a team, exciting product, or a start-up, they both have a knack for engineering processes. Bringing very different strengths to the table, they worked together for eight years and built a world-class team of leaders, engineers, and global talent that continues to make an impact on health tech today.

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A word from our founders.

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Lyndsay Donhoff

Working together, whether in a team or with AI, is the key to achieving our highest potential. By joining forces and combining our skills, knowledge, and experiences, we can create something extraordinary. We’ve adapted and evolved together with new tools throughout our ancestral history. Working together with AI is no different. Collaboration should never be a power struggle, but rather a way of leveraging our diverse abilities and resources to reach our collective goals. It’s a bridge to a higher plane of success, providing us with the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and reach new heights.

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Michael Nusimow
CTO/COO & Co-Founder

Technology and AI are powerful tools that can drive innovation and transformation. However, it is the collaboration between people and machines that unlocks their true potential. By combining the unique strengths and capabilities of both humans and AI, we can create solutions that are more effective, efficient, and impactful than either could achieve alone. At the heart of every successful venture is a team of diverse individuals working together towards a common goal, and in the world of AI, this collaboration between people and machines is more important than ever.

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